The Chihuahua on the Pant Leg: Lessons for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Innovation isn’t just coming up with an idea about how to make something marginally better.  Merely incremental isn’t enough.  Real innovation takes a game-changing idea, where – according to presenter Kathyrn Petralia, co-founder of Kabbage – “sometimes you have to piss people off.”  Your innovation is going to leave others behind, and that’s OK.

So you have the game-changing idea.  But why do some great ideas succeed wildly, while others can’t seem to get traction at all?  David Cummings, CEO of Atlanta Tech Village, asserts that the right environment will breed successful entrepreneurs.  A community that fosters the culture, tone and context for start-ups to thrive.

And to complete the picture, Alan Dabbiere, Chairman of AirWatch, tells a very personal story about tenacity.  Success as an entrepreneur — or life in general — isn’t about doing lots of things well.  Rather, it’s finding the one thing that you do very well, and never giving up.  ”Be the Chihuahua on the pant leg.”

Hear their stories and lessons in these video presentations from (co)lab 2013:

Petralia, Kathryn

Kathryn Petralia

Cummings, David

David Cummings

Dabbiere, Alan

Alan Dabbiere


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