CEO of Merlin Mobility — Technology Association of Georgia 2013 Top Ten Innovative Technology Company and a winner for the People’s Choice Award for the Coolest Technology at the 2013 Georgia Technology Summit! Merlin was also the 2012 winner of the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition for the Southeast.

Merlin is an Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC) Select Company, a Georgia Tech VentureLab Company and a member of Springboard Enterprises 2011 Class.

Merlin Mobility Corporation is a Georgia Tech Innovation Institute company located in the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC), at Georgia Tech. Merlin utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) to transform traditional instructional content into a format that delivers step-by-step instructions to mobile devices. The user views the equipment they are working on real-time through the camera of their mobile device and Merlin presents the instructions as a transparent layer directly over the equipment. (i.e. lift cover here, remove screw here, etc) Merlin can be setup to instantly recognize a piece of equipment when the mobile device is held in front of it, GPS can be utilized to integrate real-time data and additional support can be delivered through real-time collaboration.