The Collaborative Lab  — April Rinne is the Chief Strategy Officer of Collaborative Lab. She has been involved in collaborative consumption platforms and services for several years and has more than a decade of professional experience focused on disruptive business innovation, financial inclusion, law, policy, micro-entrepreneurship, social enterprise and management of common resources.  She is passionate about bringing people, ideas and resources together in new ways that say “wow, that’s what the world needs” – and then making it happen.

April is responsible for setting Collaborative Lab’s strategy with a global perspective, which is helped by her travels to 86 countries (at last count) and more than ten years living, working and studying overseas.

At Collaborative Lab she works with established companies, start-ups and governments worldwide who wish to understand and harness the potential of collaborative consumption and the sharing economy.

April’s prior positions include ground-breaking work in microfinance focused on the role of reputation and social capital as key success drivers, the importance of developing robust policy and regulatory ‘enabling environments’ for new business sectors to thrive, the promotion of equitable financial inclusion around the world, and a variety of public-private partnerships.

April holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, an M.A. in International Finance and Business Relations from the Fletcher School, and a B.A. in International Studies and Italian from Emory University. She is a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum where she heads the collaborative economy working group, and serves on the Board of Directors of the World Wide Web Foundation.  You can follow her on Twitter and see a selection of her writings on Shareable and the Huffington Post.