Redesigning Education for our Future

How do we prepare young people for careers that don’t even exist yet, using technologies that haven’t been invented?  How do we reconcile the increasing detachment from school and obsession with screen-based lifestyles?

Our traditional education model, according to (co)lab presenter Nikhil Goyal, was rooted in a model designed to create a society of people who are compliant, submissive and obedient.  And it hasn’t changed much since then, Goyal asserts. “It’s everything antithetical to how human beings develop and learn.”

“It’s like the wild west,” says Dr. Michael Levine

Taking that to the forum of higher education, Dr. Bud Peterson, President of Georgia Institute of Technology, details a long list of innovative and transformative ways that educational systems are being adapted to better equip our students for the new frontiers that await them.

Click on the speaker names to revisit their presentations from (co)lab 2013; then post your own thoughts on what else we can do to redesign education for a successful and competitive future.




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