Passion – A Defining Characteristic of Visionary Leaders

Innovation isn’t new… it’s how we got where we are today.  But what will it take for us to align and act on the opportunities to create an inspired future for our city and region?

Successful leaders know that more than anything else, it takes passion.

Successful leaders create an environment where people are driven to interact, engage and collaborate.  They inspire vision, courage, action and collaboration  among a diverse group of people.  They speak with urgency about the opportunities they foresee, and devote resources to cultivate the next generation of collaborative leaders.

What are you passionate about?  What can you to do translate that passion into action, and interaction?  Watch these videos from (co)lab 2013, where leaders from government, business, education and community spoke with passion about launching Atlanta forward.  Let’s keep that passion building, Atlanta!  Click on the speaker photos to view their videos.


Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta – “Cultivating Innovation”


Tom Fanning, Chairman, CEO and President, Southern Company - ”Innovations that Matter”


Doug Hooker, Executive Director, Atlanta Regional Commission - Hosts a panel of community leaders including: Sig Mosley (Mosley Ventures, LLC); Ron Clark (Ron Clark Academy);    Keith Parker (MARTA); Tim Lee (Cobb County Commission); and Jeffrey Tapia (Latin American Association).



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