(co)lab is organized by Leadership Atlanta in partnership with the Metro Atlanta Chamber, the Atlanta Regional Commission and the City of Atlanta.




Leadership Atlanta’s Mission:

It is the mission of Leadership Atlanta to build a better community for everyone in the Atlanta region through education about the key issues facing the region and inspiring members and others to take on and exercise real leadership committed to serving the common good. More on our mission.

Leadership Atlanta’s History:

Celebrating 44 years of developing leaders, Leadership Atlanta operates the oldest sustained community program of its type in the country. Leadership Atlanta was built upon this conviction: the early selection, nurturing and training of leaders was too important to be left to chance. The founders envisioned an organization that would serve as a training ground and a conduit through which people could pass and make a difference in how Atlanta worked. The model leveraged one of Atlanta’s strongest assets — the tradition of cooperation among its businesses, community organizations and public officials.

Today, through both its Leadership Atlanta and LEAD Atlanta programs, the organization continues that proud tradition of connecting and inspiring leaders to strengthen Metro Atlanta’s communities. The organization’s influence is apparent throughout the region, as its programs have helped educate and connect many of Metro Atlanta’s top CEOs, educators, judges, elected officials, entrepreneurs, community organizers and nonprofit leaders. More information on the history of Leadership Atlanta.

Why (co)lab?

As a result of its strategic review process, Leadership Atlanta adopted an initiative that would expand its reach beyond its alumni network and current program participants and engage the broader community in conversations on how to create a better Atlanta. That initiative became known as (co)lab, which is designed to foster collaboration, connections and community amongst Atlantans and generate innovative ideas on how to solve our region’s problems and maximize its potential as well.

To contact the core organizing team, please visit our contact page.

Organizing Team for (co)lab:

Andre Anderson

Joseph Bankoff

Jay Bernath

Ken Bernhardt

J. Veronica Biggins

Renay Blumenthal

Jim Breedlove

John Brewer

Martha Brooks

Andrew Chang

Kristina Christy

Ann Cramer

Sallie Adams Daniel

Roxanne Douglas

Kimberly Euston

Amir Farokhi

Andrew Feiler

Lisa Gordon

Daniel Gordon

Jenn Graham

Charles Green

Kevin Green

Todd Greene

F. Stuart Gulley

Barbara Henagan

Jo Ann Herold

Sonji Jacobs

Tharon Johnson

Katie Kirkpatrick

Randall Kirsch

Danica Kombol

Brian Leary

Ellen Dracos Lemming

David Lewis

Bari Love

Rita Owens

Amy Phuong

Kimberly Poma

Julie Ralston

Janice Rys

Misty Skedgell

Christine St.Clare

Jorgelina Striedinger

Grace Trimble

Patty Knap Tucker

Dexter Warrior

Kristin Wilson

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