Feed ATL’s hunger for brains.


In today’s fluid driven economy, people in fields like technology, design, architecture, marketing, arts and entertainment can help make a city more innovative and competitive. Some call these people the Creative Class. Others call them creators and innovators. We simply like to call them talented. And one of the biggest questions facing Atlanta’s future is how do we attract and retain more talented people?

Take tech companies for example. They attract a diverse group of young, well-educated people adept at creative problem solving. These people typically care a great deal about quality of life. They want to bike and walk where possible, they want good restaurants, good schools for their kids and a rich arts and culture scene. All these things in turn help generate growth in the area. And it’s a positive cycle too, because people like this make the city more attractive to potential employers. So more innovative companies start moving in, and then they attract more talented people and so on.

If you’re reading this right now, odds are you’re the kind of person we’re talking about. Smart, and aware. Interested in things like sustainability, accessible transportation, and urban agriculture. It’s probably fair to say you’re concerned with the future of Atlanta. Well, here’s the good news: This is your chance to tell us what you would do. Because the more ideas we get, the better our chances of getting some really influential people on board to actually implement them.

So imagine if a company like Facebook, Amazon or Pixar was considering putting their HQ in Atlanta. What would you tell the city to do to make it more attractive to these kinds of companies? Now, Atlanta already has a lot going for it. We’ve got great weather and easy access to the world’s busiest airport. We have top-notch universities and excellent hospitals. A big handful of Fortune 500 companies. The CDC. Affordable housing and a low cost of living. An excellent food scene. The BeltLine is actually being built, and street cars and bike lanes are under way in a few pockets of the city.

But what do we have to do to take it to the next level? Think big picture, because it’s not just about transportation (even though that’s a biggie in our car-loving city). It’s also about housing, and education. It’s about the fact that we have a handful of business districts as opposed to one central. The issues and challenges we face are numerous and multifaceted. There is no magic bullet. No easy answer.

So go nuts and tell us everything that’s on your mind, big or small, academic or absurd. Pretend you had no boundaries, and the ears of people who can actually make a difference. What would you do to attract and retain the kind of talented people that will help Atlanta become a more innovative, more progressive, more livable city?

This is your chance to do more than just imagine what Atlanta could become. This is your chance to actually do something about it.

Go to www.colabsummit.com/ideastring and lend us your brain to help Atlanta get more brains.


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