Stay tuned to see all the ideas and solutions shared.

IdeaString for (co)lab was open Monday, September 16 — Monday, September 30


About IdeaString
IdeaString is a digital collaboration tool designed to allow thousands of people to submit ideas to complex challenges. Watch how your ideas grow as others build on them, making them more feasible, desirable and achievable. Vote on ideas you love. Comment on ones you want to improve. This is your chance to voice your opinion on how to improve the greater Atlanta region.

Limited time
The IdeaString platform will be live for two weeks. From September 16 thru September 30 at midnight. IdeaString will be open to anyone to login, create a profile, and suggest their ideas and solutions to the six lab challenges.

During the (co)lab summit
Participants may continue to suggest ideas and build on others, especially when inspired by speakers talking about best practices from around the world. And during the Salons on Sunday evening, it’s the perfect opportunity to collaborate with others and brainstorm ideas and solutions to add onto IdeaString. Participants can visit the (co)laboratory on the upstairs Galleria to see the ideas grow in real time on large digital screens.

Closing keynote at (co)lab
On Monday, September 22, from 4:00-6:00pm — immediately following Thomas Friedman — all six LAB Leaders will present the top five ideas and solutions crowdsourced on IdeaString. Then a panel of regional leaders will discuss the ideas and talk about how the region can collaborate in order to bring these solutions into reality. At that time, the audience will be asked to fill out a commitment card, to commit in some way, to join others in helping bring an idea into action.

After the summit
The IdeaString platform will continue to be live and active for 1 week following (co)lab. This allows for time for the mind to absorb the ideas brought by over 60 speakers, and for those who missed some sessions to watch the filmed talks online. On September 30 at 11:59pm, the IdeaString platform will close. Afterwards, a report will be generated with the leading ideas and solutions outlined, recognizing the authors of those ideas. The report will then be sent to all (co)lab participants, registrants and partner organizations. The goal is to spread the collective knowledge of the greater Atlanta region, in hopes that a renewed commitment to collaborative leadership will drive these ideas into reality.


What can you do now?

1. CONNECT — Learn about these six core challenges by reading the briefs or watching the videos.
2. COMMUNICATE — Join the LAB teams on Facebook, and share your insights with others.
3. COLLABORATE — Starting September 16, submit your ideas and solutions to IdeaString
4. COMMIT — Commit to helping bring the best ideas to live following the summit.


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