(co)lab is alive at the ARC!

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Economic Competitiveness Implementation team is working hard to fuel a better and brighter future for Atlanta.  And the EDUCATED subcommittee is building on the lessons and ideas from (co)lab to integrate for action.

At (co)lab 2013 – The Collaborative Leadership Summit – two of our labs addressed relevant issues that define the opportunity for a better-educated and more competitive region.  These were some of the recommendations that were developed by participants in the LABS.

  • Lab 5: Increase High School Graduation Rates
    •  Invest early and improve early childhood education opportunities by building and expanding the success of our pre-K model.
    • Explore and embrace new models of learning in and out of the classroom.  Both for students and teachers in diverse communities.
    • Make the high school experience relevant to modern world & prepare students for future civic engagement.
  • Lab 6: Engage Communities in Education
    • Expand the community of well-trained and committed mentors to prepare the next generation of leaders.
    • Enhance project-based learning opportunities through service, entrepreneurship, and other innovative partnerships.
    • Recognize and honor student leadership in the same ways we do athletic and academic achievement.

See what actions are planned for the ARC, and learn more about its vibrant agenda for economic competitiveness HERE, or read the executive summary document below, provided in PDF format.

What have you done to integrate for action?  Post your stories here!


ARC Competitiveness Strategy


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